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Thinking About White Water Rafting? Key Tips Beginners Need To Know

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If you have been thinking about going on your first white water rafting adventure, you may feel excited but also a little bit anxious about what to expect. While white water rafting is a fun adventure, there are a few key things it is important for a beginner to know before you sign up for your first day on the river.

Be in good physical shape

If you have not exercised for years and are out of shape, you may want to postpone your trip until you get your body ready for the workout it takes to navigate a raft through rushing water and stay afloat. You will need good upper-body strength and stamina to keep going. You do not have to be a star athlete to participate, but you will be digging in with your paddles to help control the raft, so being in reasonably good shape is important.

Know how to swim

Being able to keep yourself above water is vital if your raft capsizes. There is always a possibility this will happen, so it is best to be prepared. You will be wearing a life jacket for protection, but knowing you are a good swimmer will give you extra confidence should an incident occur.

Find a guide you trust

When you are booking your white water rafting trip, it is helpful to meet several of the guides, if possible, to see which one you can communicate well with and feel comfortable working with. Having faith in your guide can go a long way in relieving your anxiety when you run into a difficult part of the river or rough waters.

Dress for success

Comfortable clothing that does not fit too loosely or too tight is a must-have. Shorts and shirts made with fast-drying fabrics will go a long way in helping you avoid chaffing from the friction of wet clothing. Never wear flip flops or sandals that can slip off easily, but wear shoes with a good grip on the bottom that fit securely.

Heading down the river without being prepared is never a good idea. Taking some time to learn all you can about white water rafting will help to make your first trip down the river a good experience. It is also best to go with a professional guide, rather than just a group of friends for your first adventure, so you can learn all the proper techniques for navigating your raft and following key safety measures.

For more information about beginner white water rafting, contact a local company.