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Benefits Of Magnetic Closures On A Surf Plug Bag

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Surf fishing is an exciting pastime that gives you a good chance of reeling in some big catches. In order to have success at this pursuit, you'll need the right gear. While the proper rod and lures will be instrumental, you'll also need a way to carry the lures. A popular choice is a surf plug bag, which holds several of your lures — also known as surf plugs. Fishing shops often carry several types of these bags, so you can check out what's available and buy the right one for you. Some surf plug bags use magnetic closures on the bag's pouches. Here are some benefits of this design.

Access With One Hand

When you have your rod in one hand and you need a surf plug from the bag slung over your shoulder, it's handy to be able to retrieve the lure with one hand. When you have a bag that has magnetic closures, it's easy to use one hand to pop open any of the bag's pouches and grab the lure you need. If you were to choose a bag with another type of closure, it's possible that you might need to use both hands. This would require setting down your rod, which you might not always want to do.

Close On Their Own

Once you take a lure out of your surf plug bag, the pouch will often snap shut on its own if it has a magnetic closure. This means that you can focus on tying the lure to your fishing line without trying to remember to close the pouch. A pouch that has a clip-style closure will require you to clip it shut each time you're done with it, which is a step that you might occasionally forget when you're excited to get your new lure on your line so that you can continue fishing.

No Risk Of Breaking

Some closures, particularly those made of plastic, can break through prolonged use. For example, the plastic of a clip closure can sometimes become brittle over time and break when you handle it. With a magnetic closure, this isn't something that you'll need to worry about. Two small magnetic discs are sewn into the fabric of the surf plug bag and are essentially indestructible. To browse a selection of surf plug bags for sale, including products that are equipped with magnetic closures, visit a fishing supply store in your area.