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Travel Care Tips For Gymnastics Leotards

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Traveling to a gymnastics sporting event with your child this spring may necessitate that you transport several leotards. Due to the fragility of some leotard fabric types and the adornments that are sewn onto them, some care techniques will aid with keeping your child's gymnastics attire in excellent shape.

Aeration And Hanging

After a competition ends, your child will likely want to change into street clothes. If you will be driving a considerable distance to your hotel room, you may need to temporarily store your child's athletic wear in a gym bag. A gym bag that contains vented fabric will allow fresh air to filter into the bag.

If the soiled leotard is damp with sweat, the vented fabric will aid with drying the fabric. Once you have arrived at your hotel room, hang up the leotard, unless you plan on laundering and drying it right away. 


A portable basin or the sink within your hotel room can be used to hand wash each leotard after use. A gentle detergent and cool water should be used for each laundering session. Before dipping a leotard into the water, turn the fabric inside out. This will aid with protecting the buttons, sparkles, lace, or other adornments that have been sewn onto the right side of the fabric.

Each laundering session should be brief and utilize a minimal amount of agitation while treating the fabric. To move the water around in a basin or a sink, place your hands into the water. Grasp each leotard that is being washed and move it gently from side to side. Afterward, use fresh, cool water to rinse the detergent from each leotard.

Drying And Storage

Drying the leotard should be done promptly. If your hotel room has a heater that is in an accessible area, hang each leotard up in front of it. A portable rack is an essential that can be used on each occasion when you will be traveling to a recreational gymnastics event. A light bamboo or wooden racking system that can be folded up will fit inside of your vehicle's trunk while it is not being used.

After each leotard dries, place each garment inside a separate clothing bag. This bag can be hung inside of a closet. It is a storage solution that will prevent the leotards from becoming wrinkled while they are being transported to and from each gymnastics event.

For more information about gymnastics leotards, contact a retailer.