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Why 9mm Ammo Is The Most Popular For Handguns

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If you have just bought your first handgun, or are considering getting one soon, then you may be wondering what type of ammo you need to stock up on. After all, if you go to your nearest gun store you may be a bit overwhelmed by all the options out there. Which is which? Is one better than another? How do you know what you need? Luckily, there is a type of ammunition out there that fits most handguns and is better for your needs than most others on the market. Here is why 9mm ammo is the most popular for handguns.

More Rounds In A Magazine

The simple truth of handguns is that one shot is often not powerful enough to immediately stop a charging intruder or an animal you are hunting. Sure, in due time, a lot of shots can be fatal, but at the moment you want to stop the immediate danger, and the more rounds you have at your disposal, the better. While some handgun rounds out there are more powerful than 9mm, there are very few that have so many bullets in a magazine and are of similar power. When it comes to handguns, the more bullets the better.

Better For Smaller, Less Experienced Owners

A lot of Americans have a handgun for protection, but if you want to shoot it accurately, then you need something with as little recoil as possible. Giant desert eagle pistols might look cool in movies, but they are like a cannon when it comes to recoil and can make it very difficult for smaller users who have little experience with guns. Instead, 9mm ammo provides an ample amount of stopping power for very little recoil, so the spread of your bullets is likely to be far more accurate.

Cheap And Easy

One truth of ammo is that the best ammo you can use to protect yourself is the type that is closest to you. 9mm ammo's popularity is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy at this point. Since it is so widely available, more people buy it, and because more people buy it, it becomes even more widely available, and so on and so forth. If you want a cheap, reliable source of ammo that almost all gun stores will carry, then you should consider switching to 9mm ammo so you always have a healthy supply of bullets.  

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