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Benefits Of Choosing An In-Ground Hot Tub

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Before a visit your local hot tub store to begin shopping for a model that will suit you, you've probably stood and looked at your backyard to imagine how a hot tub would look in this space. It's possible that you've imagined a product that sits on the ground, but it's also possible that you've thought about an in-ground model.

Deciding between these two unique designs will be one of your first priorities during the shopping process, so it's important to realize the benefits that each style can provide. Here are some benefits that you'll enjoy with an in-ground model.

It Can Be Easier To Enter

For some people, getting into an in-ground hot tub is easier than getting into a hot tub that sits on the ground — typically known as a "portable" model. To get into a portable hot tub, individuals need to climb up over the edge and then get down into the water. For those who have mobility challenges, including people who are elderly or who have such issues as chronic pain, this process can be daunting.

Conversely, such individuals may find that it's easier to enter an in-ground hot tub. They can sit at the edge, and then swing their legs into the water and descend into one of the seats. If you anticipate that people who struggle with mobility — such as elderly parents, for example — might wish to use the hot tub, an in-ground model may be a better choice.

It Offers A Tidier Look

You may also find that an in-ground model offers a tidier look in your yard than a portable model. If your yard is small, a portable hot tub may look bulky and cause the yard to seem less spacious. Even if an in-ground model is similar in size, the manner in which it sits in the ground — often largely out of sight from certain angles — can help to keep your yard from looking cramped.

It Can Complement Your Pool

If you have an in-ground swimming pool, you might like the idea of an in-ground hot tub simply because of the way that these two designs complement one another. Many hot tub companies can install in-ground models adjacent to in-ground swimming pools in a manner that makes the two entities look similar. For example, depending on what material you use at your pool deck, your hot tub installer can use the same material around the hot tub to give everything a cohesive look.

For more information on in-ground hot tubs, contact a local company that installs them.