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Clever And Unconventional Corporate Retreats That Build Camaraderie

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Foster a sense of camaraderie among your staff or team and see how it improves workplace moral, and even productivity. Retreats are the perfect way to build unity and establish a rapport among employees while learning something new, working on a project, or enjoying an outing. Try taking an unconventional approach to your event, including the following ideas for your team's retreat.

Cooking Class

A group cooking class is an excellent platform to engage your staff and identify strengths, while also inspiring a sense of solidarity between them. The end-result is a fantastic meal to enjoy and generate ideas, strategies, and goals over. Discuss dietary preferences with your team prior to booking the class so that you can ensure everyone participates and is able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Amusement Park

Shrug off stress and let out your inner child with a trip to an amusement park; this may seem like an odd choice for a work retreat; however, it could be freeing and rewarding for your team. This ability to 'let loose' and enjoy the day among colleagues could be the motivation and encouragement needed to improve workplace productivity.

Camping Trip

Another idea for an unconventional retreat is to enjoy the great outdoors together by roughing it, but not really; look for cabin or site rentals that offer high-end amenities and catering services. Plan on a long day enjoying outdoor activities, top-notch fare, and inspirational speakers, or host an overnight with brainstorming sessions spent by an open fire.

Community Project

An effective way to create solidarity among your team is to engage them in community service projects; volunteerism and stewardship are the ideal platforms to build respect and confidence in your employees. Habitat for Humanity could be the perfect way to involve your entire team in a group project, highlight individuals' skills, and come together to meet common goals.

Luxury Locale

Rent out a high-end home for team-building exercises or work-related discussions, with amenities and perks to treat your team well. For instance, a home with great outdoor space, like pools and hot tubs, promise fun when the agenda is completed; rent a beautiful local landmark for day-retreats or a posh Airbnb for overnight events.

Plan a retreat for your team or staff to build and improve connections and impact productivity. Depending on your distinct needs, goals, and preferences, one of these ideas could be the perfect way to foster camaraderie and a sense of unity at your work site. For more information, contact your local cooking school.