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The Customizable African Safari: Why This Is Becoming A Popular Thing

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When you see pictures of people posing over an African wildlife trophy, does it excite you? For some people, it is the adventure of a lifetime. The romanticism of a bygone era of when British people would "go on safari in the African wilderness" is something people still desire to experience. Now there is a customizable African safari you can take. Many African hunting ranches are offering African hunting trips that allow you to select animals, weapons, and length of trip, all crafted by you, for your own individual experience. It is becoming a very popular thing, and there are reasons why.

The Animals You Shoot Are Not Protected Animals

All animals on the properties offering these trips are wild in the sense that they roam free. However, they were imported from other areas of Africa and raised on the ranches. This means that the animals are not under the protection of wildlife reserves, and most, if not all, of the animals are not endangered animals. If you had concerns about shooting the world's last black rhino or anything like that, rest assured that this does not happen on these private safari ranches. 

Your Accommodations Are NOT Tents on the Savanna

In days of yore, going on safari meant staying in tents on the savanna or in the African wilderness. These newer safari trips provide posh lodgings to which you return to sleep when your hunting time is finished each day. That means you are living in the lap of luxury while on vacation and not fighting swarms of mosquitoes at night while you try to sleep. Most African hunting ranches offering trips will show you pictures of the lodgings you can expect to see (and stay in) when you arrive.

You Do Not Need to Know How to Shoot a Gun

While a gun is the traditional means of bringing down lions, oryxes, buffaloes, impalas, and other large game on an African safari, you do not need to know how to shoot. The customizable safari provides training on how to use a weapon. It also allows you to choose a different weapon if a gun is not something you feel comfortable with using. Using a bow or crossbow are some alternative weapon choices, only because it is more challenging to bring down your target animal and more agreeable to use when hunting smaller, slower game like the African sable.