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Is A Bamboo Shirt The Perfect Workout Choice For You?

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Anyone who enjoys outdoor or exercise activities has been through the experience of trying to find clothing that strikes the right balance between wicking, movement and comfort. One company that has devised a novel solution to the problem is Free Fly Clothing, a business that makes clothing from bamboo. If the idea sounds a little zany, take a moment to consider a few critical points.


The goal behind Free Fly lightweight clothing is to use a natural material, bamboo, to achieve results similar to products available from companies like Under Armor or Nike, such as stretch clothing that has high wicking capabilities. For those who have allergies to synthetics, this can be a blessing. It also makes Free Fly products a popular choice with folks who want shirts or shorts that have a less plastic feel. The bamboo material also can be manufactured for a looser fit, providing a good option for those who want something closer to a traditional t-shirt.


In terms of wicking, Free Fly lightweight clothing does not out-compete the high-end products in the market. It does perform better than cotton, however. Unless you're planning to be drenched in sweat during an activity, there's a pretty good chance Free Fly will take care of your needs.


One big concern for consumers is that a lot of knockoffs of Free Fly lightweight clothing have appeared on the market, as is typical of any successful brand. In fact, "free fly" has become a bit of a byword for all bamboo clothing materials, not unlike how "scotch tape" has come to be applied to all clear tapes. As if often the case in the clothing market, the emerging knockoffs are typically inferior to the original.


Free Fly sells in significantly more product lines that other companies that do high-performance materials for outdoor wear. This means you can get everything from hats to pullovers. They do also sell the compression-style boxers that many athletes love wearing.

Target Audience

In general, the brand's target is much a casual wearer, such as hikers and people just looking for something breathable on a hot day outdoors. They offer much more relaxed options, such as printed tees, than we tend to see from other outdoorsy brands. The clothing line doesn't scream any particular lifestyle choice, and that has made it popular with folks who just want a shirt to wear while hiking.