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Benefits Of Buying Pistol Grip Tape

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One of the least expensive accessories that you can buy for your gun is a roll of pistol tape. Although many handguns are equipped with grip-friendly handles out of the factory, this isn't always the case. A gun that slides around in your hand is difficult to control, and when control is an issue, accuracy problems and safety risks follow suit. A simple roll of pistol tape can prove to be a valuable ally in helping you to improve the usability, and thus the safety, of your weapon. Here are some benefits of this simple accessory.

Customizing Your Grip

Different handgun users like different grip styles; some favor the tacky, rubber grip that is common in many popular firearms, while some prefer something smoother. When you buy a roll of grip tape, you can customize the grip to suit your tastes. Some people will simply wrap a few wraps of tape around the handle so that it's fully covered. Others will actually cut out small segments of the grip tape and place them in desired areas — for example, perhaps you like grip at the rear of the handle but not on the sides. Such a customization is possible with grip tape.

Use On Other Firearms

Although grip tape is often synonymous with use on pistols, there's nothing to stop you from using it on other firearms that you own to improve how you handle them. Shotguns, rifles, and other firearms can all benefit from some selective use of your grip tape. For example, if you have a shotgun in which the rubber of the pump is slicker than you'd like it to be, some grip tape in this area can immediately make the pump easier to grab and control. Or, if you use a semi-automatic rifle with a pistol grip on the stock, wrapping some tape around it can make it easier to hold, especially when your hands are sweaty.

Other Uses

You might be impressed with how often you'll turn to your roll of grip tape if you keep it in your gun case or equipment bag. For example, if you're using a bipod on a shooting table and the feet of the bipod are slipping, a couple small pieces of grip tape below them can help to hold them in place. You may even want to apply some tape to the handles of your gun cases to make them easier to grip.

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