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Considerations For Carrying Two Concealed Weapons

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When you're trained and licensed to legally carry a concealed weapon, you might be eager to start doing so. Having a firearm on your person when you're out in public and even at home can make you feel much more secure, especially if you've been a target of violence or otherwise feel intimidated in certain areas. It's often worthwhile to consider carrying not just one firearm, but two. Although this idea might seem a bit overkill, there can be several reasons that it's a smart decision — especially if you have a specific reason to believe that your life might be in danger. Here are some considerations.

Carry Two Types

Another detail to consider if you wish to carry a pair of concealed weapons is to carry two different types — namely, a semi-automatic pistol and a revolver. Each type has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. A semi-auto has a high rate of fire and a higher magazine capacity, but it can also jam and be rendered useless. A revolver carries fewer rounds and is slower to reload, but it's highly unlikely to ever jam. With two different types of weapons, you can reach for the one that you feel will best suit the situation.

Keep Them Apart

If you're going to carry two concealed weapons, it's ideal to carry them in separate parts of your body. Doing so can be instrumental in avoiding having someone disarm you. For example, if you were to carry two belt holsters, someone who might lunge for one firearm could inadvertently uncover the other, and end up taking both from you. When you keep the concealed weapons in different areas, someone may indeed take one weapon from you, but might reasonably expect that you're not carrying a secondary firearm. In such a situation, a pistol in an ankle holster, for example, could save your life.

Go Big And Small

The size of the firearm that you conceal on your body is largely a matter of personal preference. However, if you like a larger-capacity firearm as your primary concealed weapon, it's smart to think of using a smaller firearm as a secondary weapon. Two larger guns are heavy and bulky, which may be aggravating if you're wearing the guns for several hours at a time. A smaller one will relieve some of this bulk and weight, especially if it's one that you would only have to use in an emergency.

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