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3 Tips For Successful Quail Hunting

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Hunting in general is an excellent sport to get involved in because it challenges you in ways that no other sports can. One type of hunting that is especially fun and challenging is quail hunting. Because quail are small and somewhat elusive, they can be somewhat difficult to shoot. However, with some experience and tips, you can be successful. Here are three tips for successful quail hunting. 

Hunt In An Open Area 

Quails can be very difficult to spot if you are in a treed area. The prime location for spotting quail is an open area with very little foliage. This gives you a clear view of the quail, especially in the morning when the sun is in the prime location. If the area is flat, this is even better because the quail can't hide behind hills, rocks, etc. Also, make sure you are well disguised when waiting for the quail so that they actually come out and don't sense your presence and hide. 

Use Your Shotgun

The best gun to use when hunting quail is your shotgun. The reason why this is such a good gun to use for quail hunting is because of its precision. Quail are small, so you must not only be an accurate shot, but have a gun that can shoot precisely where you are aiming it. Shotguns are also great for shooting long range, which is how you will most likely shoot the quails. This increases your chances of actually hitting the quail.

Bring Your Bird Dog 

A great resource to have when quail hunting is your bird dog. If you don't have one currently, it may be a good idea to invest in and train one. A bird dog will not only help to point out quail and other kinds of birds to you, but they will also retrieve them. They have a very keen nose which allows them to easily sniff out the quail that you have killed. If you don't have a bird dog, then you run the risk of losing several quails that you have already shot simply because you can't find them on your own. 

In order to have a successful quail hunting experience, make sure you are hunting in an open area so that the quail are easier to spot, use a shotgun because of its precision at shooting at long ranges, and bring your bird dog along with you so that they can help by pointing to and retrieving your kill. 

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