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Remain Safe And Prepared In Case You Are Involved In A Situation That Requires The Use Of A Gun

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If your home was robbed in the past and you were held at gunpoint, prompting you to obtain your gun license so that you may possess and carry a concealed gun to protect yourself from violent offenders, use the tips below to remain safe and prepared in case you wind up in a precarious situation that requires the use of a gun.

Purchase A Gun That You Are Comfortable With

Stop by a gun store to acquire information about firearms that are available for purchase. Ask a salesperson about the range that each gun can encompass, the weight of each firearm, and the degree of damage that each gun can cause. Do not purchase a gun based solely upon its appearance or price. Instead, ask the salesperson if you can view and handle several guns. Hold each gun in your hands to feel how heavy the weapons are. Pay close attention to each weapon's trigger and bullet chamber. Purchase the gun that you are the most comfortable with.

Store Your Firearm In A Locked Case

Purchase a gun case that has a lock on it so that you can safely store your gun and ammunition when you are at home. If there are young children in your household, place the gun case out of reach and store the keys to the case on a shelf or inside of a locked drawer.

Always keep your gun unloaded so that you or a family member are not seriously injured if the gun is picked up and the trigger is accidentally pressed. Practice retrieving the keys to the case and opening the case to release the gun so that you are well-prepared in case you are faced with an intruder who wishes to cause you harm. 

Practice Target Shooting At A Range

Practice target shooting at a gun range so that you feel confident if you ever need to use your gun while at home or on the road. During each target shooting session, keep track of the number of times that you hit a target and the location of each of shots. Strive to do better with each subsequent practice session. If you notice that you are consistently shooting too far to the left or right of a target, make a mental note of the issue and refocus prior to shooting so that you remember to shift the position of the gun slightly so that your aim is better. 

Contact a range, like BluCore Shooting Center,  for more help.