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Masters hospitality Packages: What To Know

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If you, like many, weren't able to score tickets to the Masters tournament at Augusta National, you may feel disappointed. However, your feelings may shift as you realize that tickets aren't always necessary to enjoy both the tournament and the area in a memorable way. Hospitality packages specifically built around the Masters tournament are out there; you just have to check on some of these issues before you reserve one of the many hotel packages available:

Proximity to Course

You may no longer feel that it's necessary to be very close to the site itself since you don't have any tickets. However, being able to drop by to chat with other fans can still be a worthwhile use of your time. Whether you plan to head over or want to avoid the traffic in the area completely, ensure that you do a map search of any hotel and see how close it is to the course. Double-check the address of your particular hotel if it's part of a large brand chain, as it's easy to think you're going to one when you're going to another across town.

Private Viewing Rooms

If you're getting a group of friends together who don't have any tickets, you can still feel like part of the golf action by watching each golfer on television as a group. The tournament is likely to be on most of the public televisions in the hotel, but if you want a special space for just your friends, inquire about viewing rooms that are private.


Many hotels go all out with their Masters hospitality packages. You should shop around and examine what amenities you can get for yourself. For example, one local club provides massages, free of charge, as part of their package. There might be free shuttles to local tourist hotspots or special deals with other golf courses in the area.

While researching amenities, ask about tips. Don't assume that the delicious meals and other perks include gratuities;  you need to have an idea of whether you'll be paying more than expected once you arrive. In fact, knowing whether tips are included as part of a hotel's package could affect your decision about which place to stay in.

Hospitality packages can ease the disappointment you feel about not having personal tickets to the Masters tournament. Chat with friends and research hotels thoroughly so you can still have a comfortable, fun experience.