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Alternatives To Hunting Deer In The Wild

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There are a lot of people who love to hunt deer in the woods near their home in the natural setting but some people do not have deer near them. You can travel to another area to hunt but for some, the unfamiliarity of a new location make them not want to go somewhere new to hunt. There are some alternatives that might fit your needs below.

Guided Hunting Trips

If you want to hunt deer in an area that you have never been in, one alternative is to hire a whitetail deer hunting guide to take you into the field. The advantage to having a guide is that they will have a pretty good idea where to look for deer and other wildlife. Having a guide does not guarantee you a deer but it does help you up the odds of getting that elusive white tail deer. There are many guides around the country that can take you into areas you have never hunted and show you the best spots to find deer, help you pick the best calls to use, and help you get the deer out of the woods when you do get one.

Hunting On A Private Ranch

If you are looking for an adventure, take a look at one of the many hunting ranches around the country. These ranches offer trips that include camping or lodging, meals, hunting guides, and some even guarantee you to take home a deer. The land is privately owned and often the deer are raised on the ranch so the ranch operator can control the population of the deer on the property. The deer are typically larger and healthier because they have plenty of food and can be monitored for disease or health issues.  Consider this type of outing if you are looking for a guaranteed hunt.

Photo Hunting

One alternative to hunting deer is to go out and do a photo hunt. A good camera with a telephoto lens to get shots from a distance is a good way to start. Take a pack with lunch, a cleaning kit for your camera and lens, and a good camera bag with extra lenses or what ever else you feel you need. With a guide to get you to the deer, you can bag the biggest deer you have ever seen and you are not killing the animal. If you love photographing nature and its beauty, having a controlled environment is great for setting up specific shots. And you can never tell what other animals you might see out there while in the field. Maybe you can get some great photos of those as well.