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Itchin' To Try Fishin'? Here's What You Need To Know To Plan Your First Trip

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Have you always wanted to try fishing? Fishing charters are an excellent way for you try give it a go while having an expert handle the packing of equipment and the navigation. Here are some steps you shoudl take as you plan your first fishing outing. 

Picking Your Excursion

The biggest part of the excursion is the location. Whether you want a scenic spot or you're more concerned with the likelihood of catching a fish, contact a fishing charter company like Maggie Joe's Sport Fishing to get a recommendation. At the same time, the location will lend itself well to choosing your fishing boat. It could be a motorized boat, a rowboat, or a pontoon boat, for starters.

Learning About the Destination and the Craft

Once you have chosen your fishing charter destination, start looking at the types of fish you will be able to catch. Learn about what types of bait are required to catch those fish. See which fishing poles and lines work best for the type of water you'll be fishing in. 

To learn about fishing techniques, you might try watching some videos online before you go. Although you're not expected to have any experience, and half of the fun is in trying something new, learning a little about fishing techniques will whet your appetite for your upcoming trip. 


Plan to bring a lunch, since you won't be able to stop for snacks while you're on the boat. Wear clothing that can get wet. Although the goal is not to get soaked, you might encounter some splashes, especially as you try to reel in your first fish. Sunglasses are a must, no matter the time of year, because the glare of the sun off of the water can be fierce. Bring sunblock if you will be on your fishing trip all day. Some people like to bring a visor to keep the sun off of their faces completely. 

On the Day of Your Trip

On the day of your fishing trip, check the weather. The temperature can feel quite a bit colder when you're out on the water, so plan to bring an extra layer if you're the type of person who gets cold easily. Another thing to ask your charter fishing captain about is how choppy the water is expected to be that day. That's going to affect the likelihood that you'll get wet, so leave your cell phones behind and have a great trip!