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Reasons To Attend A Murder Mystery Night At The Company's Venue, Not In Your Home

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A murder mystery night is a fun way to do something different with family or get together with colleagues after work. When you're thinking about attending this type of event, you often have the choice of either going to a location that the company provides — often, a restaurant or a theater-like environment — or having the players come to your home to put on the spectacle. Having a murder mystery night in your home can be exciting, but there are also some challenges to it. Here are some reasons to attend the murder mystery night at the company's venue.

Better Sightlines

The murder mystery company's venue was either built or renovated to host this type of gathering — and your house was not. This can mean that should you opt to have the event take place in your home, the sightlines may be a challenge. Not only may your home not be big enough to comfortably seat your entire group for a meal, but people seated in certain areas may have trouble seeing the actors. At the murder mystery company's venue, the sightlines will be perfect. Regardless of where an attendee is seated, he or she will be able to see everything.

Better Environment

The murder mystery company's venue is set up to suit the type of event that you'll be attending. For example, if the theme of the murder mystery revolves around the old west, the venue may be decorated like a saloon. If the theme is a high-end cocktail party, the decorations will reflect this idea. This allows you and your guests to get into the story more. While the murder mystery company can set up some decorations in your home, this venue won't give the same feel as the company's venue. For example, it might be hard to immerse yourself in an old west concept when your 60-inch LED TV is on the wall beside the actors.

Less Work For You

When you attend a murder mystery night, it's a nice way to enjoy a night off. This is something that is easier to enjoy when you visit the company's venue. In your home, you won't feel the same sort of break. For example, you'll likely lend a hand with some of the setup in advance of the event, and need to put things back the way they were afterwards. Even though the company can bring a catered meal, you'll still probably have some dishes to do. Enjoying dinner and the show at the company's venue is truly a work-free night for you.

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