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3 Tips For Your First Visit To A Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

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As more and more states make cannabis and/or marijuana legal to use for recreational purposes, people are starting to see more and more recreational cannabis dispensaries pop up all over the country. If you are interested in checking out one of these places, you should arrive prepared to ensure a positive experience. Here are three tips to keep in mind before you walk into your first dispensary. 

Have Legal ID On You

The exact rules for buying recreational cannabis from a dispensary will vary by state. But in general, all dispensaries that are registered with the government are required to follow certain rules. One of these rules is that each shop must check the legal ID of any potential customer who wants entrance into the building. It's not really any different than getting carded when you walk into your neighborhood bar, so don't stress out about it, but at the same time, make sure you don't leave home without your ID.

Research What You Want in Advance

The last time you went to the bar and ordered a drink, did you spend an hour researching every possible beer on the menu, or did you just quickly glance over the options and order something you knew you'd be okay with? If you don't want to annoy the bartender, hopefully it's option two.

The same logic applies when you go to a dispensary. The clerk there will likely ask you what it is you are looking for. They are there to sell you cannabis, not give you an education on the pros and cons of every single product on the shelf.

So take your time and research the different methods of consuming cannabis, and pick out one or two options that sound interesting to you. Then, you can ask the clerk for more details without making them give an in-depth presentation on their entire inventory.

Make Sure You Use It in the Same State You Purchased It

There is no specific requirement at most recreational dispensaries for the customer to be from the same state the dispensary is located in. But if you are someone who is from out of state, make sure you use the product before you go back to your hometown. That's because while the state that legalized marijuana might not care what you do with it, there is still a federal law that says it is illegal to transport marijuana over state lines.

Contact your local recreational cannabis dispensary today for more information.