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The Benefits Of Buying A Gun For Personal Protection At A Gun Store

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You may be considering buying your first gun for protection, but have no knowledge of guns and necessary accessories. While your first inclination may be to go to the local discount mega-store where you bought your TV to buy a gun, you'd be better served by visiting a local gun store.

The staff at a gun store have extensive knowledge and experience about guns and can offer advice on types of guns, ammunition, and accessories to best meet your need for personal protection either in your home or on the street.

Which Type of Gun is Best For Your Needs?

The type of gun that you need depends on both your own physical capabilities and where you intend to use it. Guns for home protection can range from handguns to long guns to shotguns, while only handguns are suitable for carrying for personal protection outside the home.

While many individuals may initially choose a handgun for home protection because of its size and versatility, a gun store employee may suggest a shotgun for an inexperienced shooter because of its wider blast radius at close range. A shotgun projects multiple pellets in a spread pattern instead of a single bullet.  A close encounter is more likely inside the restricted confines of the home. 

The type of shotgun suggested may also be tailored to your individual physicality. Some more powerful shotguns produce a strong recoil, or "kick" when fired, which could injure a smaller or weaker shooter.

Choices in shotgun ammunition shells are also important. You may live in a townhouse or apartment and don't want to shoot your neighbors through the walls when firing at an invader. You can express your concerns to the gun store staff to be directed to shotgun shells with shot patterns that minimize wall penetration.

Suggestions for handgun choices may also be presented according to individual abilities and needs. Some larger handguns provide significant recoil, which reduces accuracy and may result in injury to the shooter. Many new gun buyers are attracted to large "hand cannons" because of their popularity in TV and movies but are unaware of their disadvantages. Gun store staff can provide both the pluses and minuses for each type of handgun for personal protection.

What Type of Accessories May Be Required When Buying Your First Gun?

Safety is always the primary consideration in gun ownership, especially if children may obtain access to guns. Gun safes, trigger locks, and other safety devices can be used to restrict access to guns and prevent them from being fired.

Gun cleaning and care products will also be needed to maintain a gun's firing mechanisms and barrel so that the gun will perform adequately when required. Concealed or open carry holsters will also be required, according to the laws of the state, when a shooter intends to carry their weapon. Gun store staff will be aware of local gun laws and can advise new owners on waiting periods for purchases and carry laws.

Buy your first gun at a local gun store for the best selection and the customer service that you'll need to be an effective and responsible gun owner. Contact a company like Osseo Gun Club for more information and assistance.