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Bored By The Beach? 3 Fun Summer Vacations With More Than Just Sand And Water

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If you're getting ready to plan a summer vacation, but you are a bit bored by the idea of spending all of your time on the beach, then you should consider some other cool vacation ideas. You can still visit a nice destination with a beautiful beach to visit, but you can also find a destination that has something more to offer. So, whether you like fishing, hiking, or want something exhilarating such as zip lining, there are plenty of places to choose from. Here is a list of three.

Zip Lining In Costa Rica

If you have always wanted to try zip lining, then Costa Rica is the perfect destination. The country is gorgeous, and while it does have some amazing beaches, it also has some beautiful forests that you can go zip lining in. The platforms are located high up in the tree canopy, and you zip line from one tree platform another. Not only is this super fun, but you get to see the cloud forest from a totally unique vantage point. When you are finished doing the zip line excursion, you can tour around the forest and get a change to see exotic birds and other animals, as well as beautiful flowers.

Forest Hiking In Punta Cana

If you're more of the type who likes to go hiking, then consider Punta Cana. While this resort spot in the Dominican Republic is normally associated with the beautiful beaches, it also has some amazing hiking trails. There is an enormous national park close by that has amazing hiking trails. You can take a day trip right from your hotel and go hiking in the park. The trails are challenging, but they are not particularly strenuous, so they are perfect if you like to hike, but are not looking for an all day, backbreaking trail. It's more of a sightseeing sort of experience where you will get to see the beautiful landscape of the country from a vantage point that most tourists to Punta Cana never get to see.

Extreme Fishing In Puerto Rico

If you're the type who loves to go fishing, then definitely consider Puerto Rico. Not only does the country have awesome food, music, and beaches, but it's also home to some of the best fishing in the Caribbean. You can get a charter boat and head to do deep sea fishing for marlin. The great thing about the island is that you don't have to spend all day on a boat to get to the fishing spots, the deep water is not far off, so you can spend most of the time fishing, instead of traveling to the fishing spot. In addition to the marling and tuna fishing that you can do off-shore, there are also some really cool inshore fishing opportunity, especially if you're looking for snapper and King Mackrel. Check out Puerto Rico Magic Tarpon for more information.